Zeylanica Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Zeylanica Sansevieria (Snake Plant)


Snake plants are one of the most popular house plants, they are very tough and require very little care, but add a very nice touch to any home!

  • Care Instructions


    Snake plants need a moderate amount of bright light for proper growth. 

    While it can tolerate partial shade, very low light affects the color of the leaves. 

    For best results, grow it at a location where it receives filtered bright indirect light. 

    Leaving the plant exposed to intense sunlight or full sun may sometimes cause the turn yellow at the edges.

    The plant can easily be grown as an indoor plant in front of a north-facing window or any window where it receives bright light. 


    Water the plant deeply once, until the water starts to drip through the drainage hole in potted plants, and then allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. 

    Make sure to discard the water collected in the saucer underneath the pot and never let the plant stand in water or the soil to get soggy. 

    The plant also cannot tolerate over-watering.

    Reduce watering of snake plants in winter and water only sparingly throughout the cold weather. 

    While established sansevieria zeylanica plants become fairly drought tolerant, it is recommended to provide an adequate amount of water when it is in it active growing season; during spring and summer.


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