This Bonsai tree is perfect for those people that like a unique accent in their home!

  • Care Instructions

    Quick Care Summary

    • Lighting: Five to six hours of direct sunlight per day are recommended. This requirement can change based on the variety of bonsai and if the light received is direct or indirect.
    • Watering: Water when the top 1–1.5 inches of soil are dry. Water enough to soak to the bottom of the pot. Never allow the soil to dry out completely.
    • Soil Conditions: Use a conifer blend or other bonsai-specific potting soil.
    • Repotting: Repot every one to five years depending on the bonsai. Pale yellow leaves indicate that it's time to repot.
    • Fertilizing: Use a fertilizer specifically formulated for bonsai trees. Fertilize year-round for an indoor tree.
    • Pruning and Trimming: Regular light pruning is recommended.