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Cook's Blue Spruce


The Cook's Blue Spruce is a new variety of Christmas tree on the market today. An affordable alternative to the Fraser Fir it has the fragrance of a Balsam Fir and the color of a Blue Spruce. Sturdy branches allow it to hold medium to heavy weight decorations. The Cook's Blue Spruce comes fully sheared with no holes, gaps or broken branches. 

  • Care & Instructions

    Your premium tree is a living thing and will need constant care throughout the holiday season. You will require a large stand capable of holding at least 2 litres of water. Your tree will drink heavily for the first few days after being set up. Ensure that it does not run out of water at this time and continually add at least 1 litre of fresh water combined with a good quality christmas tree food every day. Store you tree in a cool dry place until ready to bring it inside, then cut 1" of the tree trunk off to open it up to accept water. Shake your tree several times to get rid of any loose needles before putting it into the stand. Do not place your live tree near a heat source!