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Crimson Passion Sour Cherry

Crimson Passion Sour Cherry

SKU: 775631099272

A cross between the tart cherry and the Mongolian cherry. The Crimson Passion Cherry is a small tree that is grown for the edible fruit. The cherries are dark red, round, with crimson flesh, and are ready for picking Mid-summer. The fruit taste sweet and have a juicy texture. Most commonly used for fresh eating, cooking, and baking. In the Spring the tree features clusters of fragrant white flowers, and green foliage that turns turns yellow in the Fall.

It is a good choice for attracting birds. Self-pollinating variety that will yield better with a second plant nearby. It does best in average to moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water.

Sweetest of the Romance Series.

  • Return Policy

    Garden of Eden stands behind the quality of our plants, we love to do our work and provide the best plants we can!
    In the unlikely event that one of the trees, shrubs, roses or perennials passes away, we’d be happy to replace it for you one time within the guaranteed growing season, 6 months from the time of purchase. If a replacement cannot be provided a gift card will be issued in the amount of the original purchase price.

    All we need to process your warranty claim is:

    Proof of purchase
    The deceased plant. Sorry, a photo doesn’t count.
    ID tag that came with the plant

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