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Cupid Sour Cherry

Cupid Sour Cherry

SKU: 775631072787

Cupid is a hardy deciduous hybrid shrub variety of Sour Cherry released in the Romance Series of Dwarf Sour Cherries from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. Cupid produces the largest fruit of all the sour cherries which is dark/red and perfect for fresh eating. It tends to be a bit later than other varieties, most likely due to its size. Although sour is in their name, they can be surprisingly sweet when harvested at the right stage of ripeness. Grows well as a bushy hedge instead of pruning into a single-trunked tree.

  • Return Policy

    Garden of Eden stands behind the quality of our plants, we love to do our work and provide the best plants we can!
    In the unlikely event that one of the trees, shrubs, roses or perennials passes away, we’d be happy to replace it for you one time within the guaranteed growing season, 6 months from the time of purchase. If a replacement cannot be provided a gift card will be issued in the amount of the original purchase price.

    All we need to process your warranty claim is:

    Proof of purchase
    The deceased plant. Sorry, a photo doesn’t count.
    ID tag that came with the plant

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