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"Dig It" Garden Gloves(Blue)

"Dig It" Garden Gloves(Blue)


Our Classic Dig It® Handwear Garden Gloves feature Pillow-Top Protectors® inside each fingertip to keep hands and nails dirt and debris free

Wave goodbye to dirty work-damaged nails! Dig It® Hand and Nail Protector Gardening Gloves let you tackle tough jobs from digging to weeding and pruning without sacrificing comfort or your nails. The Pillow-Top Protector® inside each fingertip provides ultimate protection for your hands and nails, inhibiting dirt and debris from getting to fingertips and helps to protect against nail damage.

Hands down the best garden gloves! With a form-fitting design these functional go-to gloves are perfect for every demanding chore from garden to garage and more.

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