Green Organic Alfalfa Pellets 50lb

Green Organic Alfalfa Pellets 50lb


These organic pellets build a healthy root system by improving soil structure. They enhance sustainable growth potential.

Alfalfa Green is a versatile product perfect for all your gardening projects: flowers, gardens, lawn, container pots, compost pile, etc.

It works to improve your soil structure through the addition of plant fibers, which provides a food source for soil microbes. This boost in microbial activity results in improved soil aeration and drainage, while soil moisture evaporation and compaction are reduced. Alfalfa Green absorbs up to three times its weight in water and holds onto it until the soil around it dries. This contributes to both the drought resistance and the flood control of your soils.


Alfalfa Green is a 100% plant based soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer making it the ideal “green” product choice.



The alfalfa is grown on fields that are either certified Organic by EcoCert Canada, or in transition. EcoCert Canada is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and present in all Canadian provinces. The fields that have been under organic production practices for less than three years are labelled as “in transition”, and therefore all products of these fields cannot yet be certified organic. Pellets made from alfalfa harvested from transition fields are sold as “All Natural” until the three year mark has passed, after which the fields are inspected and can be certified.



  • reclamation projects, sports field maintenance;
  • golf course maintenance and remediation;
  • parks, lawn and flower care;
  • industrial site re-vegetation;
  • flower bed care;
  • garden soil amendment;
  • lawn and turf grass maintenance;
  • fertilizing container pots and fruit orchards; and
  • greenhouse growing.

Unlike many synthetic fertilizers, Alfalfa Green provides your soil with more than just N-P-K. Alfalfa Green is rich in calcium and supplies other micro minerals such as selenium, magnesium, boron, and more.

These pellets are also a treatment for acidic and/or basic soils. With a neutral pH of 6.0 to 6.2, Alfalfa Green neutralizes acidity and buffers alkalinity, creating a favorable environment for soil microorganisms and plant root expansion.


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