'Metechi' Garlic

'Metechi' Garlic


Pre-order Metechi Garlic and pick up in store mid September


One of the best! A purple stripe hardneck garlic that can be harvested in late summer. Huge bulb with 5 to 7 cloves. Spicy hot flavor is said to "grow like a week and store like a rock." 3/pkg


Height: 60 cm (24")


Plant in: Sun


Zone: 2


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  • Care Instructions

    Your bulbs will come in a dormant state and can be planted by the end of September when the soil is cooler. A plant is a living thing and you will be responsible for it's care. It will need consistent watering, fertilizer and an appropriate planting area in order to grow and thrive. We recommend you purchase our organic granular bulb fertilizer which can be used at the time of planting. We are available to answer any questions you may have by phone (306-627-3330), by email (info@gardenofedengreenhouse.com) or in store.


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