Peacock Plants

Peacock Plants

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The striking foliage on this plant will add a beautiful accent to your home! Despite being a tropical, this plant likes filtered light, and can survive in full shade!


  • Care Instructions

    Consistency is key when watering this plant! If the leaves curl up, this can be a sign of underwatering. When you water too much it can cause root rot. They like a rest period in winter so reduce your frequency quite a bit. Distilled or rain water is best for the Peacock plant, as fluoride will make their leaf tips turn brown. Cold water will shock them, so make sure you are watering with room temperature water.

    Feed every 2 weeks during its growing season (Spring to Fall). In the winter months, it does not need to be fed.

    Despite being a tropical, this plant does not need alot of light. It prefers filtered light instead of direct light. It can even grow in full shade although it will not grow as fast.