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Persian Lime

Persian Lime

SKU: 861097616105

There is nothing like a Meyer lemon, which imparts a unique mellow citrus flavor that is sought after by home cooks, chefs and mixologists worldwide. Substitute a Meyer lemon for a standard yellow lemon in your favorite recipes: lemon squares or meringue pie, your favorite cocktail or salad dressing. The difference will really turn your head.

Meyer lemon trees do well in containers, both indoors and out. If your climate is warm enough, the tree may be planted successfully in the ground. A potted Meyer lemon can be a patio focal point, with its dark green oblate leaves, fragrant white blooms and gorgeous yellow-orange fruit. The improved Meyer lemon tree is more disease-resistant than earlier cultivars, so it’s easy to care for.

You’ll enjoy a continuous harvest of beautiful Meyer lemons as the tree matures, giving you ready access to a steady supply of lemons that can be quite expensive at the store—that is if you can even find them.

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