Tristar Stromanthe

Tristar Stromanthe


Triostars grow best in warm, humid conditions, and this is why they tend to be an ideal house plant, sitting in a window with sufficient indirect light. But keep the plant away from sitting near a radiator or air conditioner.

Turning the plant around once a week can help ensure a good, even distribution of the leaves, as they'll grow in the direction of the light. Misting can also help to create the humidity they need.

Triostar stromanthe should be potted in well-drained, fertile soil that is kept moist but not soggy.


Tropical plants often need light that mimics what would be found in a rainforest environment.

Positioning your triostar stromanthe in an area with dappled light will provide it with the best chance of flourishing. If it receives too much direct sun, it can burn the leaves. As a houseplant, dust its leaves so the plant can receive more light.


Your triostar needs a soil that is well-draining, breathable, and lig