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Optimize your Garden

This year focus on optimizing your garden. If there was something that did not work last year, it might be due to location, bugs, or neighboring plants. Whether you are a beginner or experienced gardener, there's always a way to improve your garden!

Your garden layout can influence many things including pests, diseases, insects, yield and growth.

Did you know that some plants have friends and enemies? They may not be producing well because you have placed them beside another vegetable that attracts certain insects or diseases that causes harm.

Another way to get the best out of your garden is by rotating your plant sections. It is the easiest to just keep the plants in the same section every year, but this is not the most affective. Try to keep your garden in these sections; compost vegetables (ex. peas, beans, and lettuce), root vegetables (ex. carrots, radishes, and beets), brassicas (ex. broccoli, and cabbage), vining vegetables (ex. cucumbers). Then the following year move all these vegetables over one section in your garden to change it up slightly. This will make sure that the nutrients in your soil stay balanced, it will also lower the chances of certain diseases and insects to stunt the production of your plants.

As the spring itch comes on strong, it is a perfect time to think about all of the above points and to create a garden map.

If you would like assistance, we would love to draw one out of you for a fee of $15. All you have to do is send us a list of the vegetables you would like to seed in your garden!

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