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1 on 1 Container Planting
by Appointment

71338_Gaura Graceful White_29289
45336_Confetti Garden Party Tropical Balloons_40735
40263_Potunia™ Piccola Blue Ice_1258
45385_Confetti Garden Party Magenta Lights 2021_35854
48088_Confetti Garden Outback Safari_30675
44524_Confetti Garden Water Wheel_20729
71804_Bright Ideas Black_1230

During your appointment we will teach you how to choose plants that will make your planter thrive, and also how to take care of your plants so that your planter will look great all summer long!
You are welcome to bring your planter to your appointment, we just ask that you clean it with bleach beforehand.
If you have any questions, we will also do our best to answer them for you during your appointment as well!


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