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Astia Container Zucchini

Astia Container Zucchini

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Astia is a well-bred French bush zucchini variety, developed especially for container growing and planting in small space gardens. These non rambling, compact squash vines are also highly ornamental with big silvery-green, deeply indented leaves.

Early bearing and productive, Astia bears abundant zucchini near the base of the plant where they are easy to harvest. These uniformly smooth, lustrous, glossy-green zucchini have excellent flavor and are delicious whether roasted, sautéed, steamed or baked.

Seed Count: 11-13



Plant only when weather has warmed up and nights are above 50°F (10°C) Amend soil well with aged manure or compost. In a sunny spot, make slightly mounded hills, 3’ wide and 3’ apart. Sow seeds in a triangle on each mound, planting two seeds 1” deep at each point in the triangle. Thin to the strongest seedling at each point, leaving 3 seedlings per mound.


Use fresh, good quality potting soil in containers. For a pot 15 in. across and 12 in. deep, sow 2-3 seeds in center. When seedlings reach 3-4 inches, remove all but 1 strong seedling. For pots 18-20 in. across and 12-15 in. deep, sow seeds 4 inches from container edges, then thin to 2 plants per pot. For larger pots, thin plants to be 8 in. apart. Mulch to help conserve moisture and fertilize monthly for good production. In hot weather, check and water containers daily.



Protect seedlings from marauding birds with plastic berry baskets, removing before plants get crowded. Thin plants properly; you’ll get more zucchinis from a few well-spaced, healthy vines than from crowded plants that are much more disease prone.


Harvest at about 5 inches in length; frequent harvesting keeps plants producing. Enjoy these zucchinis grilled, baked sautéed or steamed. Try slicing lengthwise, drizzling with olive oil and roasting to succulent perfection. Or slice 1/2 inch thick, top with pizza sauce and cheese and bake.

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