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Butterfly Frenzy Companions

Butterfly Frenzy Companions

SKU: 774431404729

Liatris is a non-toxic perennial native to our North American prairies and is safe for cats, dogs and horses. They are excellent addition as they are very easy to care for and will extend an invitation to butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. These fuzzy bursts of violet are drought resistant and require full sun exposure. Liatris are part of the Asteraceae family, which consists of daisies and sunflowers. Spacing is crucial for planting liatris, as they grow up to 2 feet high and 1.5 feet wide. We recommend to plant your liatris bulbs 2-3 inches deep with 12 to 15 inches apart so they have plenty of room to flourish. These unique flowers are quite hardy in zones 3-9 and survive very cold winters, as long as the soil is not too damp.

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