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Last Crawl Insect De-Stroyer 400 gram

Last Crawl Insect De-Stroyer 400 gram

SKU: 058633004155

Our Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer is an insecticide powder that kills household and garden insects without infecting the area or adding any chemical additives. This Absorbent product is a physical (powdered) insecticide that does not allow insects to develop any immunity and allow them to return. This makes our product extremely effective against any insect populations that have a higher threshold to chemical restraints (i.e. other insect repellants).

Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer kills a large variety of insects such as grain beetles, crickets, house flies, pillbugs, sowbugs, spiders, slugs, earwigs, ants, bedbugs, silverfish, flour beetles, centipedes, millipedes, darkling beetles, carpet beetles, and many more as the list could go on forever. One of the best aspects of our Last Crawl Insect DEstroyer is that you can use this indoors and outdoors, which makes our product extremely versatile in the uses you need it for. The product is not dangerous or harmful to animals or humans, which can give you more assurance when using it around your home (inside & outside).

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